Marley & Me: The Puppy Years

Fatherless Bodi Grogan dreams of his own puppy, but the best he can get from his workaholic ma Carol is minding friends&#39 naughty pup Marley while he&#39s dumped for the summer with grandpa Fred, a rather strict US Marines veteran. If they do really well a permanent dog is on the cards, so Brdoy resolves to j-enter the local puppy obedience show, which only allows teams, so he recruits Fred&#39s friendly neighbor Crouch&#39s sibling pups Moose and Fuchsia. They&#39re up against ruthless title defender Hans Von Weiselberger, whose henchman help him cheat and terrorize their own Dobermann pups, but grandpa&#39s military experience comes in handy once he sides with team Bodi.