Layer Cake

<p>A successful cocaine dealer, who has earned a respected place among England&#39s Mafia elite, plans an early retirement from the business. However, big boss Jimmy Price hands down a tough assignment: find Charlotte Ryder, the missing rich princess daughter of Jimmy&#39s old pal Edward, a powerful construction business player and gossip papers socialite. Complicating matters are two million pounds&#39 worth of Grade A ecstasy, a brutal neo-Nazi sect and a whole series of double crossings. The title "LAYER CAKE" refers to the layers or levels anyone in business goes through in rising to the top. What is revealed is a modern underworld where the rules have changed. There are no &#39codes&#39, or &#39families&#39 and respect lasts as long as a line. Not knowing who he can trust, he has to use all his &#39savvy&#39, &#39telling&#39 and skills which make him one of the best, to escape his own. The ultimate last job, a love interest called Tammy, and an international drug ring threaten to draw him back into the &#39cake mix&#39. ...</p>